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We believe in creating lasting value for brands rather than disposable digital marketing. That means we focus on building products, experiences and platforms that have the power to transform a brand and the web.

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What We Do

web design and development in Nigeria


We work to make web a beautiful place. We handcraft beautiful designs and convert them into fully functional and user-friendly web applications. We build beautiful, robust, clean and responsive websites from ground up. From basic static website to robust dynamic web applications, we will use tools at our disposal to deliver the best work to you.

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We do graphic designs that are completely out of the traditional way of designing. We think out of the box to deliver highly creative designs that will engage your audience and increase your conversion rate. From logo designing to advert and branding designs, we will use some of great graphics tools in the industry to craft designs that will brand your business.

Top mobile app developers


We create robust mobile apps for different platforms. Whatever type of mobile app you are looking forward to create, we will develop it for you. We help you to engage a mobile culture with the latest in technology. We built this technology from the ground up. We design and develop custom software applications that will really set your business apart.

Why we are the best creative agency to handle your project.

CtrlShift Studios offering multimedia solutions

We are very good in creating customized and scalable mobile apps through platforms.

Customized mobile apps

We offer tailor made mobile applications that will meet your business objectives.

Custom CMS or Wordpress CMS

We offer opensource and customized CMS that helps you manage your app.

Responsive Webdesign

We are good in crafting apps that are responsive and same in different devices and OSs.

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We tighten every area so that your app will be secured alongside the productivity increase.

Graphics and Logo desgning

We offer clean, flat websites with professional feel and user-experience.

Featured Projects

Developing robust web applications

This is a web application we designed and developed recently for a company. We actually built it from ground up using relevant languages with expression engine cms.

Advert and branding designs

This is an advert and branding project we created for a consulting agency. We helped them to kick-start a marketing campaign that really engaged their target audience.

Developing customized mobile applications

We handcrafted this mobile application for a corporate organisation. The application is customized for their needs and it's available in android, windows iphone, IOS phone and blackberry.

How We Do What We Do

Creating a mock-up for designs


We first find out what you want to get done. Then we sketch it and create a mock-up for it. We then use agile methods to start the design process. We do this while carrying our clients along to make sure we are headed in the direction with them.

Developing websites in Nigeria


When we have the details of the project and mock-ups at our disposal, we will then settle down to start handcrafting the project. We delve into writing the codes that will bring the mock-ups into reality and deliver a functional application.

Best web design company in Nigeria


When we are done and have carefully tested everything, we will then deploy the project for the world to see. We take our clients through some technical details of the project that will enable them know how certain things work.